Living Plural

Feb 6

Because of a recent spate of trolling we’ve switched off asks for the time being. We’ll let you know when we’ve put them back on.

~The Management

How old are all of you, physically?


Our system (Plures) are in our late 20s.

I’d like to clear something up:

Schizophrenia is not D.I.D. or multiplicity. Please stop accusing us of misrepresenting schizophrenia.

-LC (Ange)

So...I'm not sure if I'm a multiple system or not. A while back I made up characters for an RP that were based off different parts of my personality. But since I gave those "sections" of my personalities names and physical descriptions, they've sort of come more to life in my head? I'm wondering if they're headmates that came into being or if it's just my imagination/me being attached to my OC's, etc. Advice?


A lot of people often feel this way about roleplay characters, but unfortunately there’s no real way to determine whether or not it’s roleplay gone out if hand or actual multiplicity. At least not without more information. Some questions I would ask yourself; can you control these people, or influence them to a degree that is unnatural? Are they self aware? Do they express emotion in response to things that do not directly involve them? Do they have the propensity for growth?

Not to say that this is a good way of saying whether or not you have D.I.D. That is and should always be officially diagnosed by a psychiatrist, and some of these questions don’t apply in that case, but I would ask yourself this anyway.

-LC (Ange)

Dec 6

Eh, there hasn't been any drama about headspaces in the community, it's been about natural systems claiming their headmates can literally leave headspace and go to other realities.


From the people who were criticising systems with headspaces, it seemed that they were being critical of all headspaces, not just people going to other realities.

~Kerry, Plures